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What happened to our nkrs200 Accounts?!

posted Apr 26, 2017, 11:03 AM by nkrs200 Studios   [ updated Apr 26, 2017, 11:03 AM ]
Calm your horses down!  We have integrated all the existing nkrs200 Accounts into the original nkrs200 Points System.  The nkrs200 Points System will be getting a massive update in late May of this year.  If you access the nkrs200 Account Sign Up form, you will be greeted by the following message:

"The nkrs200 Accounts System is being disbanded due to the lack of people signing up.  We are going to only be accepting Traditional Request Submissions through our forms using a newer method.  The new method will be implemented starting on May 1, 2017.  If you have an nkrs200 Account, we thank you for using this system.  All nkrs200 Account Users will be migrated to the original nkrs200 Points System."

The reason as for why we are disbanding the nkrs200 Accounts System is that it is not practical for the number of subscribers that we currently have.  However, that does not mean that everyone will lose their points.  We are going to ensure you that your points will remain intact and that the new system will be substantially stronger for our current fan base, but also easier to use at the same time.  nkrs200 Points Accounts and nkrs200 Accounts will now be merged into one single unified system that do not have confusing signups or confusing ways to submit requests.

The new forms will also have a whole more color and images to them.  It should remind you all of Windows 7's Control Panel... well, at least we will try to make it look like the control panel.  That is pretty much all that is going to be revealed right now, but more awesomeness is coming right around the corner!  :D